Internet Marketing and Telecom Consulting
For Small and Midsize Business

Internet Marketing and Telecommunications Consulting

Telecommunications Consulting Services

We offer highly personalized professional services to small and midsize companies. We help companies select communications technology and network services that fit their budget and enhance their ability to communicate.  We represent your interests with technology providers.  Our process is objective.  We do not represent or receive compensation from any communicaitons companies.  We work on your behalf to find the best fit of communications solutions that meet your needs for functionality, support and cost..

We assist our clients making the best possible decisions regarding:

  • IP Phone Systems
  • Data Network Equipment 
  • Internet & Data Network Carriers
  • Local phone service.

How our process works:

  1.   On-Premises Review To Understand Your Problems
  2.   Define Requirements To Solve Those Problems
  3.   Conduct  Vendor Assessment
  4.   Contract Negotiation
  5.   Implementation Project Management
  6.   Review and Certify that Installed Services Perform and are Billed As Per the Sevices Agreement

VeriCom Services provides telecom consulting throughout the Indianapolis metro area.  To meet with us to discuss how our telecom consulting services can benefit your business please call us at 317-776-9450 or complete this form.

IP Telephone Systems

 data networking