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Indianapolis Website Design Services

VeriCom Services is an Indianapolis Internet Marketing Company that specializes in designing great looking, easy to navigate and easy to find and custom website solutions at an affordable price.  Whether you need a brand new website, want to change your existing site to a Responsive design, or want to upgrade to a custom solution designed to your needs, CALL US for a free, no obligation, review.   

Why RESPONSIVE (mobile and tablet friendly)?
Two Very Good Reasons. 
 1. Visitors like it. 
2. Google ranks you higher.

Responsive Design is more than a nice option

Your site will be easy to use for smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops.

Google Ranking is the key

Over 70% of ALL Searches are done with Google seach.
Google now ranks responsive websites higher than sites it deems as "unfriendly" to mobile users.
Over 50% of all Google searches are now done from mobile devices.

 Our Process

  • Proven Marketing Principles

Best practices to design a professional looking web sites with clear navigation, clean usability, and practical user functionality.

  • The Creative Process is driven by your organization's Goals and Objectives 

Your website will professionally project your company's image and establish trust and credibility with your target audience.  

  • Search Engine Optimization isn't an add-on

Your site's success in organic ranking is a focus from the beginning.

  • Website results are tracked and analyzed 

We arm you with information. You'll know how many hits your website gets, how you were found, and the most popular pages.

Looking to edit your own website? 

Ask about our Content Mangement System


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